Controlled demolition and demolition with explosives: The Vitali Group’s reliability

This type of operation requires a complex preparation phase. In fact, demolition is always preceded by a careful analysis of the structure and detailed study of the conditions under which the team has to operate.

The Vitali Group stresses the importance of working in accordance with quality and safety standards given the complexity of operations involved in demolition using explosives.
Controlled demolitions carried out by Vitali S.p.A. refer to the partial demolition or the total removal of buildings or structures done using a combination of demolition and controlled explosion techniques.

Demolition with explosives operations require careful preparation.
Subsequently, the main phase of demolition operations produces waste materials requiring crushing and transfer to a landfill.

Vitali S.p.A. has machinery equipped with pliers and mechanical hammers which are able to carry out precise and effective demolition.
The machinery and equipment fleet of Vitali S.p.A. includes the best of today’s technologies, such as modern excavators and equipment for precise disc and diamond wire cutting.

Cutting edge technology and a specialised team make Vitali S.p.A. a company capable of dealing with and meeting any type of request for controlled demolition or demolition with explosives.