Béziers Capendeguy in France

Explosive demolition of the neighborhood

An intervention inserted in a larger project of urban recovery, quite complex on the controlled demolition of an entire residential district whose buildings were located in the city center with problems related to the presence of historic buildings.

For this reason it was decided to proceed with unademolizione with explosives in localized microbursts in the pivotal points of the buildings. The project required a thorough preliminary phase which lasted a total of six months, before you can get to the final stage: the implosion of the building.
Microbursts were employed for a total of 450 kilograms of explosives to demolish a total of 492 apartments for a total 300,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, collapsed to the ground in just 11 seconds.
The eco monster, "Barre de Capendeguy" had been built in the seventies and now poured in a degraded mode.

At the end it has been collected about 65 thousand tons of debris that were crushed and separated before being transferred to a nearby quarry, where the materials were recovered by specific plants for reuse as filling of the road foundation.