Experts in industrial demolition

Professionalism and efficiency are the principles the Vitali team applies during the sensitive operations of decommissioning, environmental remediation, industrial demolition and hydro-demolition. Vitali S.p.A. ensures a marked level of efficiency when operating on structures of any age and gives equal importance to each project.

Environmental remediation

Vitali’s longstanding experience allows them to employ environmental remediation services to demolish and clear chemical and petrochemical sector plants contaminated by flammable and carcinogenic substances, sewage treatment plants, tanks, boilers and other sites of this nature. We are specialists with the capacity to provide integrated service in the field of environmental remediation involving free gas and the decommissioning of onshore and offshore industrial plants.
We undertake our operations using the latest technology, ensure they are sustainable and protect the involved area.

Industrial Demolition

Industrial Demolition
Our operations range from clean up to environmental restoration. On construction sites, industrial demolition operations are integrated into the various phases of industrial clean up, thereby optimising overall management.
Vitali has Atex-approved equipment which is particularly used in the remediation of chemical tanks and systems. These activities are mainly carried out by automated systems. The use of approved machinery and equipment offers maximum safety when working in the presence of explosive mixtures.


In addition to having the means to undertake traditional decommissioning operations, Vitali S.p.A. also has the technology needed to perform hydro-demolition activity and the scarification of reinforced concrete using extremely high pressure (up to 2,800 bar) hydrodynamic scarifying equipment. With this technique, it is possible to carry out the selective removal of concrete, removing degraded pieces up to a predetermined level. This technique has several advantages:

  • It’s fast, effective and accurate;   
  • It does not create dust which is harmful to human health;   
  • Hydro-scarifying creates a surface suitable for coating with new mortar.

    You can trust Vitali S.p.A. to undertake generic and industrial decommissioning work with great competence and professionalism.