Lecco’s Hospital

The project involved the complete demolition of the buildings that made up the old hospital of Lecco with a total volume of 175.00 cubic meters. A total of 22 buildings developed on 4-5 floors and with a height of 20 meters were demolished in order to leave enough space for the new university campus.
The first processing step consist in a reclamation of the entire area and a decommissioning of buildings and window and door fixtures. Later were demolished foundations, buildings, storages and a stack of more than 22 meters, forming part of the ex thermal power station of Lecco and its foundations. To do this work were used excavators equipped with mechanical clamps and extensions.
The intervention had a total duration of six months and has required the use of a mobile crushing plants, in order to treat materials directly in loco and to be, then, sent to recycling activities.