RCS Media Group Corriere della Sera


The demolition of the building of RCS Media Group Spa, Via Rizzoli in Milan, located in a vast redevelopment area is a highly symbolic job. A year of works and a total area splint in 6 lots for a total of 161.500 cubic meters of volume.

From a technical standpoint, this was not a simple job: parts of the buildings have to keep unchanged work activities during the all phases of demolition. In particular Lotto 6 “Martinelli Project” where, besides some buildings, there were a canteen and other Company’s services.

For this reason, the demolition plan was developed in stages, thereby allowing the transfer of activities carried on, without limiting and/or slow down the normal activities of RCS.

The strength and the height of the buildings, that in some cases exceed 30 meters, request the use of special machineries suitable for complex project: a 1.200 ton excavator with an arm of 50 meters.

Watch the video of the demolition

DURATION 11 months

MACHINERIES: 120 tons excavator equipped with a long arm and, depending on the height of the building have to demolish, equipped with an hydraulic pliers;
2 X 400 excavators equipped with hydraulic shredded and hydraulic pliers:
Mobile crushing plant in order to reduce volume of debrids;
Tyred blade;

Cubic meters: 161.500 cubic meters v.p.p.

Peculiarity: demolitions and building of new edifices with similar characteristic of the demolished one. All is made without limiting and/or slow down the normal activities of RCS.