Turin, sports’ facilities

During the XX Winter Olympic Games in 2006 we were entrusted with the demolition and the redevelopment of areas as Lingotto and Municipal Stadium.
In particular, the intervention involved the demolition of the grandstand, ex athletic field, swimming pool and sport equipments for the construction of the new Palahockey, that is the home of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006. We finished the work two months in advance.

The demolition was divided in three stages. First at all, the demolition of the whole structure, for a total of 20.000 cubic meters to 25 meters in height, was subsequently carried out the excavation of the entire area in order to start the construction of the Palahockey.

It was an enormous effort, in particular on account of the short time that has involved our staff, machineries and equipments able to combine quality, speed and security.

1 month42 ton excavators equipped with an arm f 30 meters, a demolition pliers and a crusher; 35 ton excavators equipped with crusher, demolition pliers and demolition Hammer; 20 ton excavators equipped with selector pliers and bucket; Mobile crushing plantabout 20.000