Dismantling of prefabricated structures: the demolition of structures

The Vitali Demolition Division performs mechanical disassembly operations of any kind or dimension. The company has completed many projects in extremely efficient ways, on time and respecting the client’s budget. The company's ability to intervene quickly and effectively should never be underestimated. In fact, circumstances often dictate that demolitions be carried out rapidly, as was the case with the freeway overpass between Omate and Caponago.

Demolition and dismantling always include risk assessment as well as planning for preventive operations and the subsequent elimination of potential hazards. If, on the other hand, it is not possible to eliminate all the involved risks, Vitali’s Demolition Division will proceed to try and minimise them.

Like other demolition operations, the dismantling of prefabricated structures must be done on an informed basis and with extreme care. This care helps to ensure stability during transport of the disassembled prefabricated structures and in the loading stage. In fact, transport and unloading are also planned beforehand with regard to external factors such the route and velocity of the designated transport vehicle. Vitali’s Demolition Division focuses on teamwork. Coordination and study of the project are seen as crucial to success in the dismantling of prefabricated structures.