A14 Higway

Modernising the Italian road infrastructures is one of the most important and complex challenge of the country. This project involves the demolition of 50 bridges of the A14 Bologna-Bari motorway, in the stretch between Rimini and Senigallia.
This is a fundamental intervention for the works of widening and building the third line of the A14 Bologna-Bari motorway, one of the busiest and one of the most important higway in Italy. Works must be performed during night-hours (one bridge per night) in order to avoid problems for vehicle traffic, particularly intense during the day.

This kind of operations are extremely delicate both for the context in which they operate and the complexity of the operation to be performed. The design and the execution of demolition works are planned to the last detail, in order to minimize any risk. This kind of operations can be performed only by companies with advanced technologies and equipments, which strength points are security and time-keeping.

demolition step by step, one bridge per night4 excavators equipped with crusher, demolition pliers and demolition hammer; 1 crane 2 lift platforms 1 tyred blade 2 light towersevery bridge is 400 cubic metersworks performer during night-hours and parts of higway closed to traffic