Dismantling of prefabricated structures: the demolition of structures

Ex Moi: fruit and vegetable market

In the contest of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games, has been entrusted to us also the demolition of the ex fruit and vegetable market in order to give place to an important realisation: the construction of the Olympic Village that will house athletes during the entire Olympic event.

The contract provided the demolition and the remediation of buildings used as old fruit and vegetable market, the removal of the metal structure and the reclamation of its materials. It was also necessary a military reclamation of the entire area because it’s near to the railway line that, during the Second World War, were bombed.
The products covered by the demolition were in mixed concrete brick or in metal structure, the total area is approximately 60.000 square meters, built in different period from postwar period to nowadays.

The volume of the structures was about 200.000 cubic meters, the volume of the metal structures was about 100.000 cubic meters, with a height ranging from 10 meters to 20 meters. The buildings, inserted in the urban fabric, have imposed the use of innovative machineries, equipments and technologies to ensure minimal environmental impact.