Mestre, toll booth

The demolition of the old toll booth in Mestre. An “high surgery” operation perfectly carried out in only 9 hours. The demolished structure was located on to 6-lane highway.

The work consisted in the removal of the roof beams and the grounding of the same through the use of cranes. The four roof beams of 75 meter long each , once on the ground, were cut using machines with cutting disk, were stored and then crushed.

1 night38,5 ton excavators equipped with a demolition pliers and a crusher; 20 ton excavators equipped with crusher, demolition pliers and demolition hammer; 40 ton excavators equipped with demolition pliers and a crusher; 38,5 ton excavators; Aerial platform; Road sweeper + various road sign equipmentsdemolitions of 4 X 75 meters long post-tensioned reinforced concrete beams cast in-situ