Radio and video- controlled demolitions

Surgical precision thanks to long arms for controlled demolitions of towers and chimneys.
In the division we can include the demolitions carried out with the aid of computerised systems that allow to do radio controlled and video controlled demolitions. Our specialised operators are able to drive, from a control cabin, demolition operations at heights ever higher than 50 meters, in full compliance with standards of security.

This specific interventions in height can also be performed with the use of special long arms, particularly suitable in case of interventions relating to silos, towers, reservoirs and, in some case, even chimneys.
For this particularly type of interventions there is special attention to reduce the environment’s impact, such as reducing dust and using screening systems with the precise purpose of containing debris resulting from demolitions operations.

Among interventions in this field, such as the demolition of the tank of Rome relating to infrastructures made of reinforced concrete and with a height greater than 40 meters in Saint Basil (the so-called fungus); similar operation was performed in the industrial outskirts of Lecce, which had for its object the demolition of two towers with a height of 47 meters; and finally the demolition of silos for storage of materials placed in the port of Civitavecchia, inside the historic port.