The recovery of secondary raw materials

Simply responsible.

We implement policies for the recovery and reuse of demolition materials which are aimed at safeguarding the environment. This is made possible through selective demolition. The use of secondary raw materials is vital to us and our planet. In a world where resources and raw materials are becoming more scarce daily, reuse and recycling is advantageous for the entire ecosystem.

We have fixed and mobile treatment plants that allow the reuse of materials as sub-foundation and filler or for making concrete and asphalt. Operating in a proper and efficient way means, above all, giving due importance to every phase and aspect of our work. With regard to the recovery of secondary raw materials, the Vitali Group stresses the importance of recycling any resource that would otherwise be lost.

The recovery of aggregates: to recycle mean to produce

Vitali S.p.A. not only has plants for the recovery of secondary raw materials, it is also a leader in reusing these secondary materials to produce building materials such as concrete, asphalt and bituminous conglomerates.
This section of the company is supported by the overall consolidated production and efficiency characterising the Group. This efficiency is made possible by the production of top-quality materials that are in complete harmony with the environment.

Vitali S.p.A. is simply responsible!
We implement recovery policies for secondary raw materials and reuse demolition materials to safeguard the environment.