Environmental remediation and recovery of abandoned industrial areas: urban regeneration

The Vitali Group has always recognised the importance of environmental remediation and the recovery of abandoned industrial areas. In order to be forward thinking, we need to safeguard our planet and its socio-economic development.

Environmental remediation and the recovery of abandoned industrial areas constitute an essential tool for urban regeneration. In fact, many areas in need of remediation have been incorporated into the urban fabric, presenting problems that need to be resolved. The solution is to implement environmental remediation operations which guarantee excellent results with minimal environmental and social impact. There may be multiple types of operations, depending on the nature of the area, its location and the elements to be reclaimed. Different issues arise, each requiring different operational methods and therefore, the specific know-how required in a particular situation.
We undertake numerous operational activities:

  • industrial remediation and remediation of abandoned industrial sites;
  • recovery of abandoned areas and the redevelopment of industrial buildings;
  • environmental remediation and remediation of contaminated sites;
  • remediation involving asbestos and tanks;

The remedial environmental operations possible in an abandoned industrial area can be aimed at environmental restoration. That is, they may involve recomposing the landscape, the recovery of original environmental elements or reconstruction with greater awareness after demolition or ex novo.
Environmental remediation and the recovery of abandoned industrial areas can offer great opportunities for urban regeneration and restoration. Remediation means not only re-evaluating the environment around us, but also eliminating elements which are harmful to people. Equally important is the use of technologies and advanced disposal techniques capable of optimising each operation.