Demolition and redevelopment of DUPONT industrial buildings

Vitali was commissioned by DUPONT to demolish an industrial site with a total area of approximately 14.000 square meters (of which approximately 8.750 occupied by buildings, now unused), and with annexed land reclamation and areas redevelopment, to transform them as a green field area. Them will be consign to the Province of Bolzano, which has plans to convert them into a new residential district.

This will give new life to a production site, now disused, fully recovering the area.

5 X 20 ton excavators equipped with shears, grader, electromagnet and so on
1 X 30 ton excavator equipped with shears, grader, electromagnet and so on
2 X 5 ton excavators equipped with shears
1 X 8 ton excavator equipped with shears
1 hook lift truck handling bins within the yard roll-off boxes for stacking of waste for disposal

DURATION OF WORK: about 12 months