FIAT SPA Industrial buildings

The decommissioning of buildings in Rivalta, Turin, assigned by FIAT GROUP S.p.A. was an interesting project. The purpose of the intervention is the relocation of two buildings of the district addressed to “fast moving” and “slow moving”, now located in Mirafiori.

The Group require a news pace for the storage of auto parts: the project is about demolish-disassemble buildings in order to give new life to them.
• Demolish areas occupied by plants and machineries, including metal parts inside the building;
• Soil decontamination;
• Redevelopment of buildings and surrounding areas.

4 X 20 ton excavators equipped with shears, grader, electromagnet and so on
1 X 30 ton excavator equipped with shears, grader, electromagnet and so on
2 telehandlers
1 loader
2 X 5 ton excavators equipped with shears
1 X 8 ton excavator equipped with shears
1 truck for handling roll-off bins in the yard tippers for stacking of waste for disposal