Demolition and redevelopment
The term Decommissioning identifies important environmental remediation plants and conventional power stations and nuclear weapons in the final stage of their life cycle and includes the dismantling of the structures and the safety of the places.

These operations are intended to bring these areas to the so-called green field (lawn), a condition that is devoid of intrinsic hazard, making them available for future use. This is a high-value environmental and social and requires the use of advanced technology and know-how highly skilled, in accordance with the highest national and international standards to ensure the protection of the environment and the safety of citizens and protection the future of the new generations.

Vitali possesses all the expertise, using the company's internal and external forces highly specialized, to ensure a proper and full remediation process from the planning stage. The organizational efficiency translates into reliability and certainty in achieving the objectives of ensuring quality, timeliness and safety.