Right means for accurate results

Our fleet of vehicles and equipments

It’s essential and decisive have advanced machines and skilled personnel, because minimize the environmental impact, favors a steady progress of work and ensure a high degree of comfort, protection and security.

We have a fleet of over 400 units of machines and equipments that can support the most complex operational solutions.
We have more than 40 tracked and tyred excavators, from 5 to 140 tons, with special arms up to 60 meters in height, radio and video controlled means, hydraulic plants, mechanical lifts, pliers, shears, crushers, tracked and tyred wheels, work vehicles for the transport of materials, self-propelled crushing groups, special means to prevent dust, mobile facilities with night lighting, special arms to demolition, telescopic lifter, hydraulic plants, flame cutting, welding equipments and cranes.
Our fleet of vehicles and equipments, that all are Company-owned, are constantly updated and inspected. This it’s the best guarantee for the execution of any work.