Recycle of secondary raw materials

Simply responsible

We realize policies for recycle and reuse demolition materials, in order to safeguarding the environment. We have fixed and mobile treatment plants that allow us to reuse this materials as materials of sub-foundation and filling, or as raw material for concrete and asphalt.

The use of recycled materials requires a range of treatments to which we paid attention through the use of innovative and certified plants. Thanks to the selection of rubble, the elimination of non-recoverable waste, done on site, and the use of modern and efficient systems for sorting, debris can be recycled. Thanks to this effort to environmental protection, the use of recycled materials is particularly advantageous.

In particular, recycling means:

  • Reduce the excavation of natural materials designed to detected, road beds and production plants.
  • Reduce the need of landfill thanks to the reuse of secondary materials.
  • Reduce the uncontrolled abandonment of debris and demolition materials by providing to costumer recycle centers for secondary materials.
  • Recycle other materials, such as iron contained in concrete and prefabricate elements.