Section B1 Pedemontana Lombarda
The Pedemontana Lombarda is one of the most complex and awaited motorway in the territory. Following the opening of the first 20 km at the end of January 2015, work continues at a rapid pace. 
A key role is played by the strategic section B1, 7.5 km from Lomazzo (CO) to Lentate sul Seveso (MB) which includes the junction with the SP ex SS 35 Milano- Meda, whose works are carried out by a group of companies headed by Strabag.

Vitali was responsible for the BI section demolition work of the pre-existing Tonale Tunnel, which became necessary for the subsequent construction of the new Copreno
Tunnel: key factor of the project, the tight time scale, essential to respect the time frame of the entire project, which is also vital for Expo 2015. 

The demolition of the Tonale artificial tunnel involved the two lanes in each direction (located on the Milan-Meda SS 35 expressway at Lentate sul Seveso). 
The work, taking place between November and December 2014, was completed in 16 working days, during which approximately 50,000 m3 of concrete was demolished: during the following days, work was carried out on deferrization and 
loading waste material. 
Before starting demolition, some containment works were also performed, such as bulkheads (provisional and permanent), to support the surrounding ground where some residential buildings are located, as well as other preparatory activities such as the disconnection of the lighting system, the lifting system of platform water and objects removal.