The demolition/dismantling work was completed in just two nights and consisted in the removal of the suspended pedestrian walkway connecting the FS station and Terminal T3 at Fiumicino airport. The demolition also included all the so-called connecting structures" (escalators, elevators, the reinforcement of the ceiling etc).
The main pedestrian link consisted of a metal structure, approximately 75 metres long, 8 metres wide and a total estimated weight of about 400 tonnes.

The entire pedestrian walkway was removed, in just two nights, using a 750 ton mobile crane which was loaded with cut and dismantled sections of the walkway. Subsequently, all dismantled walkway segments were removed from the construction site using modular trolleys.

   Executed on the night between 13/02 and 14/02 and the night between 14/02 and 15/02 
about 15 people 
total work cost : € 560,000