Mechanical dismantlement for structure demolition
As part of the related works for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, we were commissioned to demolish the former fruit and vegetable market to accommodate an important project: the construction of the Olympic Village destined to host athletes during the entire Olympic event.

The contract consisted in the mechanical dismantlement of the structure and reclamation of the buildings used in the former fruit and vegetable market, the dismantling of the metal structure and subsequent material reclamation.

It was also necessary to carry out explosive ordnance clearance of the entire area due to its proximity to the railway line which was heavily bombed during World War II.

The structures to be demolished consisted of both mixed brick reinforced concrete and metal structure for a total surface area of about 60,000 m2, built in different time periods ranging from post-war to the present day. The volume of reinforced concrete structures was about 200,000 m3 and the metal structures about 100,000 m3, with a height varying between 10 m and 20 m. The buildings, included in the urban fabric, required the use of innovative and technological means and equipment to guarantee the lowest environmental impact.

DURATION6 months


  • 47 ton excavators equipped with crusher and crusher grapple;
35 ton excavators equipped with crusher, crusher grapple and demolition hammer;

  • hammer;
20 ton excavators equipped with grapple and bucket;

  • wheel loaders;
  • mobile crushing plant.


Cubic meters: about 200.000