An intervention with strong symbolic meanings
This is the demolitionof the RCS Media Group S.p.A..
 building at Via Rizzoli in Milan, part of a wider redevelopment project for the entire area. One year of work, and a total area divided into 6 plots for a total volume of 161,500 cubic meters. From a technical point of view, this was not a simple task: some of the buildings had to keep working during the demolition process.
Specifically plot 6 “Martinelli Project” where, besides some offices, there were also the canteen and other company services.
This is why the project plan was developed in several stages, allowing the transfer of the activities that were still performed, without restricting and/or slowing down RCS’s normal work activities.

The particularly sturdy structures and the height of the buildings, exceeding 30 meters in some places, required the use of special means suitable for difficult work at heights: 120 ton excavator with 50 m boom.
DURATION 11 months   MEANS
  • 120 ton excavator equipped with long boom and (depending on the height of the buildings to be demolished) equipped with hydraulic grapple;
  • no.2 40 ton excavators equipped with hydraulic crushers and hydraulic grapples;
  • mobile crushing plant for volumetric reduction of waste material;
  • wheel loader;
  • trucks.
  Mc 161.500 cubic meters v.p.p.   Special feature demolition work done in conjunction with construction work on new buildings built similarly to the demolished ones, all of this without restricting and/or slowing down RCS’s normal work activity.