The intervention in Via Cadolini comprises not only the demolition of an industrial building now in disuse, but It can be defined as a recovery and regeneration intervention. The former Plasmon company, which had one of its headquarters in Milan, was built in the late 1950s and represented, for decades, one of the most important production sites in Northern Italy. The area, spread over an area of ​​just over 25,000 square meters, consists of 4 main buildings and will be the subject of an important and courageous restoration work. This operation, which will see the construction of new buildings purely for residential / commercial use. It is predicted that this intervention could provide many advantages for the relevant  territory: the recovery of an area now in disuse, without occupying new land, and the return of a large urban space to the city of Milan, creating a more livable and human-sized place.
As follows, the data on the construction site are established:
  • Area size: 25.000 sq m
  • Total volume of buildings above ground: 160,000 cubic meters with a maximum height of 25 meters + a chimney of about 40 meters height
  • Total volume of underground buildings and tunnels: 20,000 cubic meters
On-site crushing campaign with recovery of approximately 40,000 cubic meters of torpid material. Means used:
  • CX 800 excavator + telescopic arm (max height 46 m)
  • CX 370 Escavator
  • E385C Escavator
  • 25 quintal pliers + Crusher
  • Tower crane + Roadside demolition sheet
  • Motofog dust suppression plant