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Vitali’s specialised demolition company: evolution merges with tradition

The Vitali Group has earned a leading position in the area of specialised demolition and environmental remediation due to its use of technologies and cutting edge machinery. Being on time and within budget, efficiency, competence and quality are the company's strengths in the demolition sector as well.

For our team, there is no challenge that can’t be solved. We plan all demolitions carefully from start to finish. This is done, above all, because safety is fundamental to these operations.
Our employees and experienced operators are able to perform all types of specialised demolitions. Vitali S.p.A. operates across numerous fields of activity, has developed many longstanding areas of expertise over the years and is able to offer high quality service to all clients.

Versatility is our strength. Combined with our rich experience in the industry, it allows us to be involved in a range of activities, from specialised demolition to the reclamation of industrial sites.

We are a team that can do any type of demolition. Our experience embrace all area of operation:

  1. Demolitions to collapse through the use of implosive controlled system;
  2. Remediation of large disused industrial areas;
  3. Restoration works of buildings of historical interest;
  4. Mechanical removal;
  5. Radio-controlled demolition;
  6. Night work that require great precision and speed;
  7. Industrial decommissioning.

Eco Mission: commitment, prefessionalism, passion

For the Vitali Group, respect for the environment is not a fad, but is a philosophy that underlines every initiative. In our division, Special Demolition, we are committed to finding eco-sustainable solutions and advanced technology with the aim to ensuring:

  • Reduction of pollution: every our action pursue maximum reduction of harmful effects on the environment, such as noise, soil, water and air pollution..
  • Elimination of environmental risks: an internal team is responsible for the identification of appropriate procedures in order to prevent and protect against environmental risks to be taken in all phases of the work.
  • Respect for the environmental: we are constantly engaged in finding eco-sustainable solutions and advanced technologies to ensure high standards while protecting the environment.