Remote controlled demolition and long booms
Surgical precision thanks to long booms for remote controlled demolition of towers and smoke stacks. 
Among the division’s specific features we can also include remote controlled demolitions executed by computerised systems able to perform both remote and video controlled demolitions. Our specialised operators are able to direct, from a control cabin, demolitions at heights even higher than 50 m, in full compliance with safety regulations.

 These specific interventions at height, can also be performed with the use of special long booms specifically suitable for work on silos, towers, tanks and smoke stacks.
 For this specific type of remote controlled demolition we adopt specific measures to reduce environmental impact such as dust abatement and the use of shielding systems with the precise intent of containing the debris resulting from the demolition.
Porto di Civitavecchia
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Safe remote controlled demolition

Vitali S.p.A. relies on a team of experienced, qualified and trained operators to carry out special interventions such as remote controlled demolition of a very high building. Besides being a leader in the sector, Vitali S.p.A. group is also leader in offering solutions which guarantee the complete safety and success of the actions implemented.

Among the interventions carried out in this specific field we mention only a few, such as: the demolition of the hanging tank in Rome, concerning reinforced concrete hanging infrastructures, with a height greater than 40 meters in the S. Basilio area (the so-called mushroom); similar intervention carried out in the industrial suburbs of Lecce which had as its object the demolition of two towers with a maximum height of 47 meters; and finally the demolition of silos for the storage of materials placed on the port dock of Civitavecchia, inside the historic port.