Building demolition using mechanical means

Vitali’s Demolition Division carries out safe and effective building demolition due to the advanced equipment they use.
Demolition work in these types of operations always requires careful and painstaking initial design. Procedures are rigid and well-studied in order to avoid any difficulties.
The company has long experience in the sector, as proven by their numerous demolition works, for example, in Ilot St Vincent de Paul, France and with the Vignate overpass to name a few.

Whether a single house demolition or a project involving larger structures and apartment buildings, the company works to ensure efficient building recovery using various mechanical and hydraulic techniques. Study of the structure to be demolished and the area in which the work will be done is a decisive phase. Often containment work on the surrounding land and other preliminary activities must be performed before starting work. Our expert team endeavours to operate under conditions which are safe for the environment and workers.

The company’s fleet of machinery allows them to carry out the mechanical demolition of larger structures and apartment buildings. The fleet includes a series of radio controlled demolition machines and equipment with mechanical arms able to conduct work at a height of over 50 metres.